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Off limits to Players: 4e DM Guides, Monster Manuals, Chapter 6 Dark Sun Campaign Setting, Dark Sun Creature Catalog, and any Adventures from Dungeon or Dragon Magazines.

Rules Compendium

4e Rules Compendium
Carey’s Dark Sun House Rules
Critical Hits
One Hundred Traits


Gaston Nitric (Genasi Hexblade)
Sable (Shade Seeker)
Gauthak (Half-Giant Fighter)
Merceri (Wilden Rouge)

Treasure Information

Treasure Log
Treasure Parcels

Online Role Play Encounters

The Dwarf’s Proposition

Completed Encounters and Skill Challenges

001 New Beginnings
002 Hunting Party
003 Plundered Wagon
004 Into the Lair
005 Bringing The Girl Back Alive

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