The Dwarf's Proposition

This takes place before you guys are surrounded at spear point.

After you hand off Ayaras to the Druid and Shaman you all stand for a second to catch your breath. A tall and thin Dwarf (by dwarven standards) approaches the group. He gives a once over look at the three adventurers and with confidence as he introduces himself.

“Fantastic job saviors! Forgive me for being so intrusive but I heard ’o ye tale coming into ’de Oasis. Now I have seen with me own eyes what you ’ave done for that girl. I take it that you salvaged what you could of that trade wagon too eh?”

He eagerly awaits your response with his eyes wide open giving a stroke to his cleanly shaven face. Your olfactory senses are bombarded by his dwarven musk.

“It was a task indeed, the wagon was destroyed and most of the goods were consumed by the animals and elements of this blasted place.” Gaston notices his clean shaven face… “It is not often you see Dwarves with so little hair on their chin.”

The Dwarf eyes you with a contorted look on his face, “What lands have ye been livin’ in, Genasi, that ye don’t know the traditional hair cut of my kindred?”

(Most dwarves on Athas have little to no hair. Perhaps Gaston hasn’t recognized any as being dwarven since Mul are pretty abundant.)

He continues as if a moment of realization washes over him.

“Anyhow, my name is Rotan Vor. I am the Trademaster for House Wavir. We are based out of Altaruk and I’ve traveled these roads around the Alluvial Sand Wastes for decades… I have been waiting for the right travelers to share this information with. Ye all seem to be honest enough to ‘ave saved that girl. I’ve information that could make us all rich beyond that of a Templar of a city-state!”

He mumbles to keep his voice down. “Maybe even more than a Sorcerer-King!”

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The Dwarf's Proposition

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