Plundered Wagon

Encounter Level 3 Hard (549 XP)

1 Kruthik Adult [175 XP] pg. 170 MM
2 Kruthik Young [125 XP] pg. 170 MM
4 Kruthik Hatchlings [31 XP] pg. 170 MM

The missing wagon rests in the lee of a small hill, where its driver’s sought cover to ride out yesterday’s storm. Their draft animals – a pair of Inixes – broke free of their tethers and ran off during the storm, leaving the wagon stranded. A pack of Kruthik appears to have hunted down the wagon and partially plundered the wagon. The Kruthik are still lingering about.

Illumination: Daylight sheds bright light over the entire area.
Escarpment: The Rocky outcroppings are about 6 feet high. A creature can fault up the steep slope with a DC 10 Athletics Check, using 1 extra square of movement to do so. A failed check ends in the creature move action at the base of the escarpment. Hopping down the slope requires no check and causes no damage.
Sand Drifts: These squares are difficult terrain.
Wagon Ruts: These tracks have no effect on movement or combat.
Wagon: Creatures in the wagon have cover against enemies attacking from outside the wagon. Climbing into the wagon from the outside requires 1 extra square of movement. Most of the wagon’s cargo has been removed, leaving only a few sacks of grain, some blankets, and two clay jars of olive oil inside the vehicle.

Plundered Wagon

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