Into the Lair

Encounter Level 4 Hard (750 XP)

1 Silk Wyrm Adult (750 XP) pg. 85 DSCC

The Genasi doll tugs its holder gently in the direction of the mouth of this hole. The smell is acrid reminiscent of the kruthik you just encountered. Your instincts tell you danger lurks below but you may be able to find missing pieces to the puzzle. On the ground is part of a what appears to be a yellow cloak. The head of a lion is hand stitched into the cloth. A tell-tale sign of Urik guards.

If the adventurers choose to head into the lair they will notice a about 10 feet into it the tunnel is lined with eggs. A nature check (DC 15) will show that the eggs are that of a silk wyrm and gain the adventurers access to the Lore on silk wyrms (pg. 84 DSCC). The tunnel is 10 × 10 feet large and branches in two directions at towards the end of the tunnel. An eerie purple glow can be faintly seen to the left of the tunnel and the other passage is completely black.

Illumination: 10 feet in is illuminated by the daylight, past 10 feet into the tunnel is darkness. A very faint purple glow can be seen in the distance.
Eggs: Eggs are along the walls many appear to be freshly laid and are tangled in an extremely sticky silk. A nature check (DC 15) will show that the eggs are that of a silk wyrm and gain the adventurers access to the Lore on silk wyrms (pg. 84 DSCC). Bursting the eggs will cause the adjacent creature 5 poison damage and will be slowed until the end of target’s next turn.
Silk Patches: Any creature that enters a square of silk patch stops moving and is restrained. (Save ends).
Psychic Reservoir: Violet colored crystals grow from the rocky sides of the cavern. (DC 12) History, Arcana, or Dungoneering) will uncover lore relating to the crystals. LORE: With a minor action, a character adjacent to a psychic reservoir can extract the energy from it, causing it to crumble to dust. If that character uses power points, he or she gains 1 power point that lasts until the end of the encounter or until expended. Otherwise, the character adds 5 psychic damage per tier to his or her next damage roll.

The silk wyrm doesn’t fly well, preferring to fight on the ground. It begins an encounter by assuming shadow form and creeping up on a prospective meal. When in position to t attack it resumes its normal form and uses mesmerizing dread to bring a foe within reach of its bite. Alternatively, it uses bite first, then uses mesmerizing dread and silk strands to drive off or restrain any allies of its chosen meal. Once its venom has begun to work, the silk wyrm uses feed to drain blood from its prey.

Once the adventurers defeat the silk wyrm they find the Urik hunters are lifeless entangled in silk. Easily visible to the eye are weapons and armor from past victims of the silk wyrm. The most notable items being the Genasi female, an unmarked packet with 2 seeds, a note written entirely in Elven, a blue quiver with 5 arrows that are cold to the touch, a white cloak with a hood, and a Hammer that seems to have magical properties. On the ground there is also a mundane sack containing 1 Ruby, a healing potion plus 20GB from the city state of Tyr.

There is a Genasi Female also entangled in silk that is loosely conscious. She is mumbling the name Isann. An Easy Perception or Insight will reveal that her actions are focused solely on the note that is inches from where her hand was restricted. She has been severely weakened due to the Silk Wyrm’s slow feedings and is slipping in and out of consciousness. She may be stabilized with an Easy Heal Check which will cost the character 1 healing surge, Healing Potion, or Second Wind, or Action point. She is only stabilized at this point and will need further medical assistance and time is of the essence. The character healing will know that to keep her stabilized it will require his monitoring every 3 hours. (Easy Heal Check for Ayaras to remain stable.) Which will lead the characters to Bringing The Girl Back Alive

Into the Lair

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