Hunting Party

Encounter Level 2 Hard (525 XP)

4 Kestrekel Carrion Eaters [25 XP] pg 72 DSCC
1 Kestrekel Blood Flock [125 XP] pg 72 DSCC
2 Crodlu [150 XP] pg 28 DSCC

After the ultimatum given by Toramund, the PC’s start out towards the last known whereabouts of the caravan’s heading. The caravan was headed in a Northwesterly course, attacked and on board was a Human and Genasi slave. The human slave was executed with an ear to ear slice across the neck. The body was thrown from the moving wagon. Clues are left behind that the other slave is Genasi along with the captors leaving behind tattered pieces of yellow cloak which indicates Urik.

Illumination: Daylight sheds bright light over the entire area.
Creosote Bush: These squares are difficult terrain. Creatures in the bush have cover.
Escarpment: The Rocky outcroppings are about 6 feet high. A creature can fault up the steep slope with a DC 10 Athletics Check, using 1 extra square of movement to do so. A failed check ends in the creature move action at the base of the escarpment. Hopping down the slope requires no check and causes no damage.
Sand Drifts: These squares are difficult terrain.
Wagon Ruts: These tracks have no effect on movement or combat.

Hunting Party

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