Marlo Eisenwald

Magical arms trader in Silver Spring


H4. Items for sale:

Gift of Fire
Level 6 Uncommon

Your complexion assumes a ruddy hue, reflecting your inner fire.

Price: 1,800 gp
Elemental Gift
Property: You gain resist 5 fire.

Power (Daily * Fire): Minor Action. Fire erupts from one weapon you are wielding. Until the end of your next turn, attacks made with that weapon deal 1d6 extra fire damage.

Vicious Short Sword
Level 2 Common

Some wielders claim this weapon takes pleasure in dealing pain.

Price: 520 gp
Weapon: Any
Enhancement: +1 attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: +1d12 damage

H4. Items Being Identified:

Magical Hammer (Gauthak)
Magical Arrows 5 (Sable)


Marlo is the main guy to see when you want an item identified. It takes him a bit longer than the normal person can but then again there usually isn’t anyone else around in Silver Spring that can do what Marlo does.

Marlo is known for being Irreverent and his lack of respect for people is widely known around Silver Spring. His eyes are also blazing gold. No one knows for sure how his eyes got that color. Some people say he got into a fight with a Templar and won!

He usually charges 10 Gold for identification of magical items.

Both Gauthak and Sable have flexed their prowess to convince him that he should cut them a deal. He offers half price to the two for the identification of items.

Marlo Eisenwald

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