Gaston Nitric

If Athas can be saved, someone must stand against the defilers to restore balance and heal the injured world. That person is Gaston


Personality Traits will be rolled at our first meeting!


Imagine for a moment that every day, when you awaken, the first thing you feel is the heartbeat of
the world around you. Imagine that each day, as you go about your tasks, you feel the ebb and flow of the very elements. Imagine that the elements are so strongly a part of you that your body feels bonded to the world around you. Imagine that the most common elements of the world are not just ingrained into your very being, but are also yours to command and to bend to your will.

Gaston is a proud member of the Genasi clan. He was born as a Caustic soul being able to discharge acid from his body. Although it is rare he also has been able to manifest more than one forms. His newest manifestation sprays poison upon his enemies. The change that takes place to his body is minimal, but his personality is effected. Taken as a young man from his family by an evil sorcerer king Humanu, he never was trained as a Templar to do the king’s evil bidding. Humanu knows of Gaston’s ties to the earth but forces him to desecrate it on a daily basis. Knowing of nothing else Gaston did as he was ordered to do but would end the day exhausted and in pain. At night Gaston has horrible nightmares about the ravaged land caused by the defiling magic. These visions have filled him with a certitude that all defilers must be stopped and the land be restored.

Gaston’s mission is clear

  • Escape the clutches of the Templars
  • Establish a band of adventurer’s to help build a resistance to the sorcerer kings
  • Find a Tree of Life to refresh his bond with the Earth
  • Kill Humanu of Urik

Wish list of items

  • Elemental Gift- Gift of fire lvl 6
  • Elemental Gift- Gift of Thirsting Salt lvl 6
  • Martial Practice- Forge Armor

Gaston Nitric

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