Freedom's Call

The Adventure Begins!


Hamanu, the sorcerer-king of Urik, has received word that one of his prized possessions (Gaston) has been reported as a deserter. In an effort to reclaim his Templar, he has sent out a small party to bring Gaston back to Urik. Gaston’s fate back in Urik is known only to Hamanu and no Templars to date have ever tried leaving or wanted to leave of their own will.

While the thought of losing his templar fills his thoughts and fuels his rage Hamanu starts to experiment with portals to the Gray to take his mind off of things. Hamanu is so filled with pride in his Arcane abilities that he has became careless. Unbeknownst to Hamanu, he has released a Shade (Sable) from the Gray. Something that could be left to grow into a bigger problem for all of those who practice the Arcane. So far, Sable has remained undetected by sticking to the shadows. He has escaped Hamanu’s compound and his interest in this free willed Templar has been peaked as he eaves dropped on conversations around the palace. Sable knows that he had to become a shade out of desperation and cannot remember his former self thoroughly. However part of him has remained through the transformation to know that he is devoted to the primal forces of Athas. As he looks at the decimated Athas landscape for the first time, his memories of his hatred for the Arcane start to swell. He is curious though, to see why one who has trained in the Arcane (and thus the destruction of the land) has forsaken his high position in one of the greatest city-states in all of Athas.



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