Freedom's Call

Return to Silver Spring

Previously in the Freedom’s Call campaign:

• The heroes defeated the Silk Wyrm and found the Gensai Girl named Ayaras Sunfire. Her thoughts were focused on the name Isann as if she desperately needed to get him the note. With her they found a note, a pack of seeds, a hammer, and arrows.

• The trek back to Silver Spring was perilous and they almost completely failed “Bringing the Girl Back Alive”. Ayaras was required to make death saving throws and arrived back in Silver Spring one saving throw away from death.

• The heroes decided to give the girl over intimidating the Gate Guard into giving them free health services for the girl.

• Once she was in the hands of the Druid and Shaman of the Silver Hand, Gaston set out to find out what kinds of seeds he was carrying. He caused quite a commotion shaking down the merchant for information in a drunken rage. He was able to gather that the seeds are that of the Tree of Life. The merchant was scared by the drunk genasi so he yelled helplessly for guards. Fortunately for Gaston the situation was diffused peacefully.

• After Gaston’s encounter, The party joined together to see if they could find out the properties of the weapons they found in the wyrm’s lair. They met up with Marlo Eisenwald, a shrewd merchant, who is the only magic arms dealer in Silver Spring. Both Guathak and Sable flex their charismatic strength receiving a temporary 50% discount on item identification. (Normally 10gb now 5gb)

• The people in the streets start to gawk at Merceri who has never been seen in civilization before. The party notices that he is starting to cause a stir and drape him in the white cloak they found. Unfortunately for the group, guards have surrounded the party at spear point on all sides. The common-folk light up the darkening merchant square with lanterns as the sun begins to set. Smooth move players…

Time elapsed:

8 hour extended rest in the secured wyrm lair
8 hours traveling back to Silver Spring Oasis
2 hours in the merchants Quarter.
it is now Dusk

Key NPC’s

Ayaras Sunfire, female genasi
Isann Ren’Alea, Unknown at this point
Gate Guard, male human
City Guard, mixed races mostly elven



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