Freedom's Call

Gaston's Journal 9

Several days have passed since my last entry. Much has changed and I have been engaged in an adventure with 3 other strange beings I have not encountered before. My quest has led me out of a safe place into a quest to recover a caravan and 2 slaves. After hours of travel we came acrossed a bloodied body covered in ravenous birds. Once they were taken care of the body was picked clean of flesh but there was a scrap of a notorious yellow fabric in the sand. An odd stone doll was lodged in the sand and as I picked it up it came to life and glowed like fire, it also started pulling me in a direction. As the adventurers followed we came across the broke down caravan. Much was lost and only a few supplies were salvaged. Foot prints lead us to an underground layer where things got really interesting. Down below the doll grew stronger, pulling me to the darkest portion of the cave. Inside we battled an adult silk worm that nearly cost me and other companions our lives. During the battle we were able to release another Genesi from the webs and she fought by ours ide till she collapsed from the poison. The trek home was 8 hours in length. We had to constantly stabilize this genesi which proved to be very difficult, I was only able to help with some techniques I learned in the streets to stabilize her pain for a short while. My other companions were more successful and we made it back to town in one piece. We found some items and need to find out the properties of them, perhaps they can aide us in battle. For now I seek out answers to who this lady is and if she can help me find my connection back to my race. Perhaps these seeds from a tree of life I have in my possession will bridge that gap as well….



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