Freedom's Call

Gaston's Journal

The personal Journal of Gaston Nitric
Journal Entry 1
My name is Gaston, something is changing in me. Perhaps writing will clear my head. All I have known has been inside these walls. I have brief memories of a culture that seems to flee from my mind daily. From what I can tell I do not belong here. I feel something pulling from inside me, these arcane powers exhaust me and drain my esteem. Every time the sorcerer-king sees my skill he leaves with a cackle.

Journal Entry 2
I had to kill someone today, he owed taxes to Hamanu and couldn’t pay. I was ordered to burn down his house, slaughter his animals, and use my acid to destroy his crops. As if that wasn’t enough the man was torn limb from limb and placed at the corners of town as a message not to disobey the great Hamanu of Urik. What bothers me the most is he does not ask other templars to do these horrible things, only me. Only me…

Journal Entry 3
Why am I the only one like me here? My past is a mystery, am I of noble blood? I have not won tournaments to gain this “honor” of templar. Am I a result of some sick scheme? I fear this more every day, something inside me craves change, this is all I have ever known, but something primal is brewing. I must ask more.

Journal Entry 4
I was able to sneak away from my rounds today. I met a historian in town. At first he was scared to talk, thinking I was there to make an example of him. I used my clout to get information from him. I told him I would not report his taxes if he could tell me more about myself. He said not today, give him time to send a raven to a friend of his, he can have more answers soon…

Journal Entry 5
It has been 7 days, how fast can that raven fly? I will try to seek him out tomorrow.

Journal Entry 6
Finally, I was able to find out some information. The man said that from the markings of my skin he could tell I was a Genasi, a Primal race formed from the earth. My people have lived in solitude for more generations than is known. Rumor has it that I was saved by Humanu. Saved, more like captured, like a dog. No wonder he has such great stake in my doings. I am supposed to preserve the world, and this sick mind has been feeding me my own flesh. I must go, rounds start at sunset.

Journal Entry 7
Tonight is the night, I make my attempt to scale these walls, I have purchased clothes that do not adorn these horrible yellows. I know this will be the first step in front of millions of me on the run from this awful place. If I am a dear prize of this tyrant I will not be let go easily. Hopefully I can find a companion to help aide my escape. It begins in three hours.

Journal Entry 8
Not much time to write but I am outside of the walls. I was able to hide in a water cart and stay submerged for long periods of time. I do not know where I am, but so far have not been recognized. I didn’t seem to travel far, hopefully I can get further away soon.



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