Freedom's Call

A Means of Survival

Gaston finds that he has stumbled south of Urik into Silver Spring Oasis as he emerges from the water tank he was riding in. The sun is beginning to set and the the great walled square that is Silver Spring Oasis begins to flicker from the lanterns being lit from inside. Exotic songs can be heard traveling through the air for miles across the desert sands.

Between his long breaths during his departure from Urik, Gaston has noticed a dark figure lurking in the shadows behind the water cart. The entity approaches him filled with questions about why a Templar would leave his desirable position. The two cause a stir unaware that they have wandered l into the streets of Silver Spring Oasis. People in the streets are astonished at the appearance of the two beings. No one in Silver Spring has ever seen a Shade and few have ever seen the likes of Genasi. Whispers start to fill the air that the two are a bad omen and eventually they are confronted by Chief Toramund of the elven tribe that runs Silver Spring.

Toramund invites the two into his finest Tavern. Many words are exchanged in the discussion on why the two have arrived Silver Spring. Finally, Toramund gives the two an ultimatum in an effort to satisfy the onlookers and calm his small trade establishment. The two curious beings can either be forcibly removed with not as much as a thread of clothing on their back or they can look into the disappearance of a lost caravan that left 2 days ago in order to prove their intentions of not harming the town.

The two try to avoid both options but logic eventually takes over and they accept the quest to find the missing caravan. Before they leave, Toramund offers a token of his honesty and support by offering the two his newly acquired slave named Gauthak as protection. He is introduced as a gladiator from the great city state of Tyr and should prove to be resourceful in the undoubted battles to come if they are to survive the wilds of Athas.

The morning sun rises over the horizon and the party sets out east as if they were running from the blistering sun. They find wagon ruts and a dead body surrounded by Kestrekel. At the same time, a creature emerges from what appears to be the vegetation itself. The appearance of this creature is met with trepidation but it reassures the group that it means no harm to them. The creature goes by the name of Merceri. No more is said as the Kestrekel and wild Crodlu bear down on the four. The longer they wait, the more that Athas’ wildlife begins to appear. The struggle ends with the carcasses being burned to rid the smell of rotting flesh in the air. This provides the group a short period of protection from the dangers that lurk over the next dune. Closer inspection of the dead body reveals tattered pieces of yellow material. The tattered cloth is a sure sign of Urik soldiers or even worse Templar. Gaston comes clean about his escape to the two new members of the party. A curios doll is spotted by the Shade that goes by the name of Sable and Gaston too recognizes it as a symbol of his culture from his childhood. The doll comes alive in the hands of Gaston and takes the form of a Firesoul from his race. The group decides to follow the trail of footprints east for fear of losing the trail to the missing goods they are to find.

Another 6 hours east leads them to the wagon where it appears to be sacked by a group of Kruthik. The battle for the wagon is fierce and both Merceri and Gaston almost meet their end from the toxic spikes that the Adult Kruthik produces. The two return to consciousness near the end of the battle as the group triumphs over the Kruthik swarm. They take 3 hours to gather and organize the scattered remains of cargo around the area. Each adventure does their part and takes a different load of goods in their pack. The whereabouts of the drivers of the wagon are discovered with more tattered cloth and drag marks in the sand leading them to a hole in the ground. The adventurers debate on returning to Silver Spring Oasis with the cargo but relinquish that thought with the realization that the trail back here could be lost in an instant. And so the adventure continues…



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